Data Extration


Data Extraction

Unlock advanced information extraction and document understanding capabilities with GenAI. Our technology streamlines data extraction from complex documents, automating workflows with minimal examples required.

Customized enterprise software to suit your business requirements to give you the competitive edge by improving efficiency, productivity and business functionality.


Semantic Search

Revolutionize your search experience with semantic search powered by embeddings and related techniques to search content by the meanings of their content instead of just keywords and metadata.

By encoding the semantic meaning of words and documents into high-dimensional vectors, AI enables more accurate and contextually relevant search results. Whether we're searching for documents, images, or other content, semantic search enhances discoverability and facilitates faster, more precise information retrieval

Semantic Search
Natural Language Search


Natural Language Search

Effortlessly find content by speaking or typing in natural language, confident that our system will understand and address your questions accurately.

We can set up systems to understand the user's questions in natural language. So they can phrase it as they want, and we will be able to construct the right query or parameter to search in semantic or non-semantic ways. This will enable us to find the content better and understand what is being asked and how we can provide that answer/information. It improves the Q/A and search processes overall and reduces the time to find anything. It combines well with Semantic Search, Recommendation System, SST & TTS.


Image Understanding

Unlock the ability to question any image with confidence, as we employ a variety of state-of-the-art models for image understanding. Our commitment to improvement guarantees optimal performance.

We can use vision models to ask questions about an image, its content, or written content inside or get an understanding of what is in the picture. This is relevant for semantic search or RAG. Even more so for social media, or other places where understanding of image or such may be relevant.

Image Under standing
Speech to Text (STT) / Text to Speech (TTS)


Speech to Text (STT) / Text to Speech (TTS)

Elevate your communication with GenAI's integrated Speech to Text (STT) and Text to Speech (TTS) functionalities. Seamlessly convert spoken words to written text and vice versa, enhancing accessibility and productivity across your workflows.

We can set up systems to let the user hold normal conversations which can be interrupted and continued, so that using the application feels like talking to an intelligent person. It can enable note-taking, quick updates or queries in the field, or any use case imaginable with virtually no latency.


Document Analysis and Intelligence

Harness the full potential of your documents with GenAI's Document Analysis and Intelligence features. From extracting key information to uncovering hidden patterns, our technology revolutionizes document processing.

We can extract any kind of information or relations, understanding, and intelligence from documents. We can use that understanding to extract and analyze information or extrapolate ideas or intelligence. Anything that could be done with the NLP system can be done with this at scale now.

Document Analysis and Intelligence


Recommendation System

Unlock a world of tailored content suggestions with our recommendation system, leveraging the latest in embedding technology and advanced algorithms. Find exactly what you need, when you need it, with precision and ease.

It can recommend similar content or content based on some criteria using document embeddings. Our team can set up proper embedding using your data to generate accurate suggestions that have multiple utilities for eCommerce, content discovery, personalized learning material, maintenance, etc.


Intelligent Chatbots

Harness the power of Language Model (LLM) technology to create intelligent chatbots or virtual agents that engage users in natural language conversations.

These chatbots, driven by advanced AI algorithms, are capable of understanding context, generating human-like responses, and learning from interactions to improve their performance continuously.



Empower your organization with autonomous AI agents that operate with a degree of independence to perform tasks and make decisions.

These AI agents leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze data, execute actions, and adapt to changing circumstances, enabling streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and proactive problem-solving.